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TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE dtifurniture@swbell.net COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED LAMINATES FOR TABLETOPS & VINYL EDGE FINISH COLORS TABLETOP LAMINATES: Request samples using the “Contact Us” form. VINYL EDGE COLORS: vinyl-edge-color-almond vinyl-edge-color-bark vinyl-edge-color-birch vinyl-edge-color-black vinyl-edge-color-brown vinyl-edge-color-cordovan vinyl-edge-color-dusk vinyl-edge-color-grap;hite vinyl-edge-color-light-grey vinyl-edge-color-navy vinyl-edge-color-silver ALMOND                BARK                 BIRCH                  BLACK               BROWN            CORDOVAN             DUSK GRAPHITE          LT. GREY                NAVY                SILVER Here are some popular choices for tabletop laminates although we can use any standard WilsonArt,  Formica, or Nevamar brand laminate at no additional charge. tabletop-laminate-color-beige-nebula